Octodad – the new Michael Jacksson!

michael jackson OCTODAD
So this hapened earlier today… 😀


I belive you like football…

Hey you!
Yea you, the guy standing over there like an idiot. Get over here!
You like football, right?
I guess you probably own a ball too, since you like playing so much.
It’s a ball that someone important to you gave you as a present? Good!
And since you like the ball so much, I guess you play with it a lot, right?
Yea, I throught so.
Now imagine you forget, loose or drop the ball somewhere.
And of course someone is goin to find it. It’s obvious that that is going to happen.
And suddenly this someone get a really bright idea!
“Why not take my pocket knife and slice the ball up so that it will be impossible to mend it! That is going to be so much fun!” – this someone thinks.
Somewhere along the line, you notice that you very important and favorite ball is gone and you go look for it. Because it’s so important, you stress to find it.
And then you do find it. Nonchalantly thrown into some bushes.
Beyond repair. Forever.
And it’s impossible to get a new ball, because it wouldnt matter because it was a gift from that important person.

You are sad in that moment, right?
So very sad.
You want to cry, don’t you?

I was sad too back then.
It just hapened that it wasn’t a football but a small hand fan that was given to me by a friend that I’m never going to meet again.
It was the last gift I will ever get from that person, because she died.
I carried it with me because I wanted her to be close to me, always.
But now I can’t. Never again. Ever.
Because of one single idiot whithout a brain and the ability to think.

So I want all the idiots out there to think one extra time before you decide to destroy something. If you are capable to that is. Maybe I’m speaking to death ears.
But please! Think of what you would feel if you found something important to you destroyed beyond repair. Something that might be cheep to others but still very important to you.

Would you still be able to destroy it if it was you item? Would you?
Or are you just a brainless monkey like everyone else out there who take pleassure in destroying stuff?
Then I feel sorry for you. Because you could be something so much better….